It's Never Too Early to Learn Roadside Safety Techniques
By Administrator
July 12, 2022

Although Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) takes place from November 14-18 this year, it is never too early to learn new ways to keep first responders safe during roadway incidents. Firefighters and EMS personnel face many hazards at roadway incidents including response to the actual incident, traffic management and more. The National Operations Center of Excellence is hosting several free webinars leading up to CRSW. Find a webinar that fits your schedule and interest below.

* All States Webinar, July 13 – This webinar focuses on how to leverage mass media outreach channels, such as television, radio, talk
shows, and print news, for broader CRSW public awareness.

* All States Webinar, September 14 – This webinar features resources you can utilize to advance driver education for Slow Down Move
Over law adherence as well as to mitigate distracted driving during CRSW and throughout the year.

* National Kickoff for CRSW 2022 – This webinar will kick off the 2022 event with messages from U.S. Department of Transportation
and national association executive leadership, responder struck by testimonials, the signing of a national proclamation, and a call to
action for the campaign.

Hyperlinks: All States Webinar, July 13
All States Webinar, September 14
National Kickoff for CRSW 2022